Warframe Builder and their abilities

Warframe Builder¬† of his abilities let me give you first too brief but comprehensive look at all his kit and how they perfectly synergy with each other his first ability called virulence allows you not only to damage enemies but also it allows you to gain mutations stacks which are vital for Niner’s survivability and as well as increasing their islands damage not to mention that this ability also gives Niners lost energy back. Just remember that energy refund is inversely affected by ability efficiency because it is always 25 percent of the energy used to cast per enemy to gain stacks with this ability.

Built Warframe:

Now virulence synergies really well with parasitic Klink or Niners third ability while nitrous is connected to a target via parasitic Klink using virulence will spawn a second instance from the linked targets that grow toward the targeted location converging with the first instance from nitrous. This will help you build your mutation stack much faster but that’s not the only use of parasitic Klink.

Its main use is to make nitrous tanky with that 90 percent damage redirection since it redirects all damage dealt by any means to the one that you have linked it is wise to pick targets with high health and armor values like those bombards or heavy gunners as they can absorb a large amount of damage transferred from nitrous.

Now that’s the effect of this ability when you bind an enemy but when it is cast on allies you will both gain a percent damage increase depending on how much power strength you put in your nitrous.

Honestly, I usually use the parasitic link on enemies and not on allies as the damage redirection is more helpful than the damage boost. There are probably other war frames that can do a lot better in increasing damage and I prefer being tanky with my knights. Aside from being able to absorb a hell of a lot of damage Niners has an innate life regeneration which allows you to heal for 25 health per seconds at max rank.

Warframe Builder 

Now, this is not only the health Reg. inability of Niners. There’s also his fourth ability called ravenous which grants tons of health regeneration depending on how much power strength you put on your nighties. Just remember that you need to be inside the spawning grounds to receive the health Ridge in effect. But that’s not only the use of ravenous. It also serves as a sort of mini crowd control and as well as a source to help you out stack those mutations points much faster.

Warframe Builder and how to build them. The infested cysts form on the spawning grounds catches up to nine maggots that seek out nearby enemies to feast upon once enemies are detected maggots frenzy with increased movement speed and leap toward their prey to latch onto them while attached to an enemy each maggot will continuously stun its target and inflict toxin damage amplified by the number of mutations stacks accumulated per second until the target dies or maggot expires.