5 Best Looking Nova Launcher Themes

Themes play an important part in customizing the smart phones. We don’t even want to imagine of a smart phone having only one default theme that we cannot change. However, the users of smart phone devices are able to change their mobile themes whenever they want.

There are thousands of different great themes available out there from which users can choose according to their preferences. If you are using nova launcher prime apk, then it is best to have custom themes to add more beautiful look to your device. In this article, I have included 5 best looking nova launcher themes that will surely meet your needs.

Here you go!

Best Nova Launcher Themes

Voxel Icon Pack

The Voxel Icon Pack is one of the best themes that is supported by the apk nova launcher prime as it comes with great features including great design, different icon packs and it is pretty colorful which is preferred by many users of android device. It is actually a great option for people who want the icons to give a flat look. In addition, this amazing nova launcher theme offers you great wallpapers that you can use for your android home screen.

Nimbbi Icon Pack

Moving forward, we have Nimbbi Icon  Pack, that is also one of the best themes supported by the nova launcher app. What’s unique in this great theme is the black holes around the theme. This looks amazing when you choose this theme for your home screen and icon customizations. In addition, this theme can be customized to the red and white wallpapers and some other great wallpapers that your will surely love you use on your device.

Alos – Icon Pack

In case, you are looking for the icon pack for your device that is designed to be rounded off from corners. The Alos theme is the best option available for you. The icon styles offered by the Alos theme are pretty simple and they just look amazing. Also, the theme comes with the flat design and with different color options. With this theme, you can also get access to the cloud based wallpapers. Having these amazing features, you can consider going with this theme.


The Polycon theme is also supported by the nova launcher and nova launcher prime application. With this amazing theme, you can get access to the different 800 vector icons that fit on your screen in a way you want. Also, this theme offers you custom app drawer and folder icons. With this amazing theme, you can customize your android device according to your preferences. This theme is recommended by many users and it works great with all the android devices. So, you can give this theme a try!


The Meteris is another great theme for nova launcher. The design of this android theme looks amazing and you can get a variety of wallpapers using this custom theme which works great with all versions of the nova launcher application. The shadows and color palette of this theme are customized in a great way due to which this theme provides you a great experience.

With regards to custom android launchers, the Nova Launcher and its premium version, nova launcher prime is extraordinary. So, if you are using the nova launcher in your device then you can consider applying any of the above recommended themes. They all are supported by the nova launcher and works great to satisfy your needs.